Thursday, February 11, 2010


Shortly after his mother Joyce passed away Lee McQueen has committed suicide in his luxury flat in Mayfair, central London. It is believed he hanged himself.

'His brilliant imagination knew no bounds as he conjured up collection after collection of extraordinary designs.
At one level, he was a master of the fantastic, creating astounding fashion shows that mixed design, technology and performance and on another he was a modern-day genius'
Vogue editor, Alexandra Shulman

'He was a genius. What a terrible, tragic waste.'
Designer Katherine Hamnett

"I remember going to Lee's first show at the Bluebird Garage; It was one of those 90s happenings where no one quite knew what we were going to see, but there was a huge amount of curiosity about it. There was no seating, and it was all incredibly cool. The girls came out covered in terracotta make up and that weird proportion with the bumster, which is now so famous. There were so many beautiful things in that show - it was just relentless.
"I met him afterwards with Issy Blow, and shot him for a very early issue of Dazed & Confused together with new, happening designers. Some of my favorite shows ever have been by Lee, and early on it was always such a bloody drama getting in - that was half of the fun. The one in the church on Shoreditch High Street which was lit by candles, the water one at the Royal Horticultural Halls, the only New York show at the end of a pier during massive floods and thunderstorms. The last time I saw him was at the end of his men's wear shows a couple of weeks ago, I ran backstage to congratulate him but he had already left the building to go skiing, what a shame I'll never see him again."

"He was an aristocrat in the true sense of the word. He had a natural grace, natural patrician instincts. And he had so much compassion and a big heart he was such a friend. We would go to his studio and do simple things sit and have a cup of tea and just have fun. We'd play around like kids and imagine that we were in a world that wasn't so cynical and money-driven." Guinness said she first met him years ago: "He spotted me across Leicester Square. I was wearing his Givenchy kimono with the dragon on the back. We became good friends. He was the kindest, shyest, funniest person. And when the chips were down he was there. He wasn't a flake. You could count on him. I will miss him."

"I loved him. He used to come to the house for dinner he knew Eleanor and my girls well. At the last McQueen show I went to, the fall 2004 collection, he came up to me and hugged me, and he was crying. He was very upset that I was leaving. He was shy, but once you got to know him he was very open and he had a great sense of humor he used to make fun of people. He was also a very decent man: He was unbelievably nice to all of the seamstresses in the factory in Novara (Italy) who made his collection. He treated them well and they loved him. He was just a fabulous person."

"Lee was a fashion genius. I don't say that lightly, and it is a total shock that I am referring to him in the past tense. He was a real friend. I will miss him as a mate, a peer, and as a true British talent, full of life and energy in everything he ever did. He was one of our best designers, and this is a huge loss for the world of fashion. What a man! Such sad, sad news. The world has lost a star. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family, his many friends and all those who worked with him."

"He is a uniquely British kind of phenomenon, a working class lad who bootstrapped it. He had enormous innate creative passion that ultimately gave him an incredibly broad frame of reference, from art to obscure movies to history, this spongelike passion and amazing imagination that in the end informed his design. He became within a very short period of time a very cultivated person that's sort of a function of the English class system, which makes people so tenacious and aggressively curious." Comparing him to John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood, Doonan characterized McQueen as "a provocateur, almost like a highwire act, an exercise in daring creativity. He raised the bar so high on what was even possible with clothing."

"Like all artists and he really was an artist he needed love, and I loved him deeply. He [had a very strong idea of] what he wanted and especially what he didn't like. He was always easy to work with," said Chantal Roos, who developed fragrances with McQueen when she headed YSL Beauté.

"It is a great loss," said Joan Burstein, founder of London's Browns. "Having been with us from the beginning, I am extremely sad to hear this news. We will mourn the loss of him and his growing talent."

"In a world where every man and his dog is a designer, Alexander McQueen was the real deal. He was the greatest and most genuinely talented designer I have ever worked with. His talent was supersonic. As with true talent, it comes from nowhere and reaches everywhere. His originality and exceptional talent always impressed me. He was a very kind and loving friend to me."


Thursday, January 28, 2010


Trend report:
1) Military Jackets
2) Fur
3) Feathers
4) Lingerie
5) Denim
6) Tribal prints
7) Braiding
8) Animal prints
9) Metallics
10) Waist bows/Belts
11) Crushed Velvet-
12) Tulle
13) Fringe

Now go have FUN!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


FEATHERS! Basically if you arent wearing feathers this coming season you shouldnt step out of your house. I love them, I die for them, I want to bathe in them?
This collection is perfection as is everything Riccardo Tisci does. I suggest taking a look at Rami Kashou's collection as he was the first designer I really noticed on trend. The soiree was held at the Imperial Salon of the Westin Hotel where my very own Lara Stone sasheyed down the runway.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Watch out for Chinese model Kiki Kang (New York) as a up-and-comer for 2010. She has my vote

Friday, January 22, 2010


For someone all consumed with fashion whom does a considerably well job of dressing herself, I am shocked at the Row's pre-fall collection. The pieces a) have nothing interesting to set them apart. b) WHO STYLED THIS? I demand to know. It is offensive. Presentation is everything. Even a collection that fails to have any significant point of view can still stay relevant when put together properly, hopefully creating a story. c) Unfortunately my disappointment crosses over to their Spring collection which has now left me curious as to what they will show for F/W 10'. Will it fail miserably or will they find a voice? they have found a market with their high end lux basics but I'm not impressed, and I feel as though I should be. There is no reason as to why this brand given all the press and encouragement from its peers shouldn't flourish. Where is your voice?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Partners in Health

Doctors Without Borders

Red Cross

TEXT: "Haiti" donate $10 to the Red Cross. T-Mobile customers can text "HAITI" to "90999" and the donation will be charged to the customer's cell phone bill without any fee or charge for the text.


Friday, January 15, 2010


I thought I hit the jackpot when Rodarte did their collaboration with Target and it was actually good! Seriously the best collaboration yet, but I think they just got some competition. Zac Posen for target debuts April 25th and if my eyes dont lie it looks amazing! The thing I look for is design integrity with collaborations. Is it there? By looking at it regardless of the lower price point can you feel it being essentially Rodarte or Zac? I think thats why Mullevy girls blew me away. You really felt that their vision was executed and you were buying something special. Zac Posen has managed to do the same and I cannot wait to load up on goodies.
I just saw Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Target lookbook and not so delightful. You cant win em all

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Fur is trending like crazy. I did a post a while ago about Fur vests after I bought one, and my market research revealed you should too! Another trend seems to be animal prints. Everyone from Lanvin to Giambattista Valli is using the print in their pre-fall collections. Another HUGE trend is feathers. Ahhhhhh yes. My talented friend Rami Kashou used them in his S/S collection and now im seeing them in everything from Lanvin ,Celine ( which by the way rocks my world) and Givenchy amongst others. I love how luxurious it all seems to feel. Do you think that maybe this was inspired by all the econimic hardships that we have been experencing and in turn we can look to these pieces in hopes of having something to aspire too?



Halston has been cleaning house and seems to have come up with a publicity stunt to reinvigorate its label. After only designing 2 collections and failing to create a buzz Marco Zanini was let go. Rachel Zoe was arsenal in the resurrection of the Halston brand and yet she failed miserably at creating the publicity they anticipated with her celebrity clients, in turn she was also let go as creative consultant.
So whats next? well for one up-and-coming London designer Marios Schwab will unveil his first collection for the house next month, and Sarah Jessica Parker has been brought on as a consultant for their Heritage line which is the company’s just-launched secondary collection that features updated archival Halston pieces at contemporary price points.
The company was bought by Harvey Weinstein’s The Weinstein Co. and Hilco Consumer Capital LLC from Neema Clothing Ltd. and its owner, James J. Ammeen, in 2007. However, the label has struggled to make in impact in the market place. So it seems in a desperate effort to create major publicity they have brought on Sarah Jessica Parker who dons a Halston dress in the Sex And The City promo pics. However, do you think that the massive publicity that is launching, in hopes of making Halston relevant, supersedes actual design merit? It seems desperate and cheap, but if they play their cards right and can back up their goods then it might prove to be exactly what they needed.

"Your only as good as the people you dress." - Roy Halston Frowick

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MARGIELA, MARGIELA, MARGIELA is teaming up with vintage extraordinaire Resurrection to present 20 years of Martin Margiela 1998-2008 WHAT?!
There will be approximately 1,000 pieces available through the Marcia Berger collection.
Berger who died in 2008 was OBSESSED with Margiela and collected his designs for 2 decades. The collection includes pieces such as a 2001 vintage kid glove assembled top, a 1997 dress form top and 2007 vintage belt assembled jacket. The collection also includes accessories, shoes and other goodies.
Resurrection and are staging an exhibition of 350 key pieces which will open to the public at One Jackson Square mid February.
Apparently Marcia who passed away several years ago was also a fan of avant-garde shoes designed by the likes of Commes des Garcons, Alaia and Yohji Yamamoto, in addition to classics from her friend Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik.
OK so basically this is my long lost mother and i was adopted because we are obviously related, except for the part where I'm friends with Mr. Christian Louboutin so on and so on. Resurrection basically scored big time and you can find Marcia's closet at their store. Happy shopping

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010


Alber Elbaz takes his inspiration from a real frenchwoman that the designer often sees in Paris never without her leopard print coat. How fabulous...or scary? I love the prints. Again as seen in other pre-fall collections the layering is to the MAX. If you cant pull of the complete cat lady jungle look im sure you will a find a soft place in your heart for one of these wonderful pieces.
Of designing the Pre-Fall collection, he said: “Sometimes I feel like Carrie from Sex and the City. I sit in front of my computer and ask myself, ‘Does the daytime have to be boring and grey?’” NO my sweet sweet lovable man!